BILETA 2010 Conference

BILETA 2010 Conference
Monday 29 – Tuesday 30 March 2010

Hosted by the Faculty of Law, Centre for Legal Informatics (DEICL/SIL), at the University of Vienna, Austria

“Globalisation, Internet and the Law”
Cyberspace, globalisation, global civil society and governance remain in the focus of interest, in particular in in times of an economic crisis. 2010 is not only the magic year for the European knowledge society (Lisbon target) but may see the birth of an International Organisation deriving its authority from the global civil society. “Electronic life” becomes a reality. Questions of data protection and intellectual property determine more and more our life.
This year’s annual conference focuses on the ways in which law and technology can contribute to a better legal system in the era of globalisation. Law Schools have to contribute to this ongoing evolution in order to maintain efficient rule of law in the knowledge society.