Computação Social na Sociedade da Informação e na Economia

Relatório sobre a web 2.0 - computação social - entre os europeus:

Key Findings, Future Prospects and Policy Implications
The Adoption and Use of Social Computing
Social Computing from a Business Perspective
The Social Computing industry and its value chain
Business models for application providers
Industrial impact
Social Computing and the Mobile Ecosystem
Technical trends: social identity management
Social trends: identity construction and disclosure in Social Computing
Economic trends: the economics of identity in Social Computing
Social Computing and Learning
Social computing for education and training
Social Computing and Social Inclusion
Social exclusion and digital exclusion
Social computing, digital inclusion and social inclusion
Social Computing and Health
European healthcare and health
Opportunities for Social Computing and health
Social Computing and Governance

FONTE: Information Society Unit, European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)